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with Rachel Caine:



Rubbing red noses with the Psychologist at the Old People’s Home ,

while a resident looks on… see film link below …



“Thank you for teaching me to be unafraid of opening my heart”
Jan Hicks, former student


Clowns as Healers - Rise & Shine !

Sunday 16th & Monday 17th April 2006

10.30 am - 5.30 pm each day

Price £80, please bring lunch to share

Venue: Greystoke Village Hall, Greystoke, Nr. Penrith

CLOWN WITHIN is a celebration of love, life and laughter through the eyes of the Sacred Clown, a mirror to the soul and a truth-teller and healer who can bring joy to transform sadness, and a loving heart to heal pain and suffering. This is Clowning as medicine, where we learn to be consistently light and playful at the same time as operating with enormous compassion and understanding, combined with clarity of vision and integrity of intent. It is in this sense a sacred warrior’s path and is for those who are willing to go to the edge and leap, trusting deeply in the unknown and being willing to surrender to the beauty of the moment.

Clowning is about spontaneity - in the moment, open-hearted and vulnerable, at the same time as clear of humour in even the darkest places - it is this commitment to joy that transforms.

These courses will provide a wonderful opportunity to learn more about compassion, vulnerability , humour and healing, through the role of the red nosed Clown.

We will play, dance, sing and laugh, explore our interconnectedness to find creative and light-hearted solutions to the aches, pains and trials of life !

The Sacred Clown has the courage to expose the follies of the human condition and always comes from a place of love.

“I felt so safe working with you”
Sally Davies, former student

Ideally you would have already taken an Introduction course with Rachel, though new students can be accommodated, depending upon their experience.

We will explore in more depth the practice of working as a Clown in service and it would be suitable for those wishing to take it another step in their lives / work.


These courses are suitable for healers, therapists, doctors, nurses, carers of any profession as well as for actors and performers of any discipline wishing to explore the art of Clowning with reference to its application in a healing context. This work is also suitable for anyone wishing to bring more joy and compassion into their life. Previous clown experience is not essential. The work is suitable as a refresher for those who have some basic sacred clowning experience and as a new approach for clowns trained in a different way .



Sacred Clown Healer, Performer and Therapist who has clowned throughout UK and Europe for many years, in a Circus, in Hospitals, in Prison, in theatre and street festivals. She has run a Social Clown practice in Ibiza, visiting the Residential Home for the Elderly and previously worked as a Clown Therapist with Learning Disabilities. She has taught children, adults, special needs, professionals from scientists to doctors, as well as actors and singers. She also tours a one woman show as “Doris, the New Age Guru”, Sacred Clown / Holy Fool trickster and wise woman.

It is her joy to help others celebrate love, life and laughter and to help budding clown doctors & healers master their craft, so that this work can spread throughout our communities, where it is so needed.


To book a place , please email

A deposit of £40 will secure a place.

Local accommodation in Greystoke:

Bed & Breakfast is available locally.

Ann Cooper: 017684 83856

Lattendales Farm: Jean Ashburner: 017684 83474

For meals in the evening for those not living locally, there is a good pub serving wholesome meals; the village is very safe and friendly and everything is within walking distance. Penrith is the nearest town.


“ Clowning has made an incredible difference to my life. I’m more confident, more creative, have more energy, am more honest about what I feel and think. I really want to pursue Clowning further”.
Wendy Fitton, Counsellor.


“I had a lovely interchange with a 62 year old woman who had had jaw pain for 3 months, had hardly slept and was very fed up. I discovered looking up on the internet that excessive kissing was a cause of jaw ache ! So I put my specs on the tip of my nose and asked her whether this was a particular problem for her (in a rather school mistress sort of voice !!) She laughed and laughed and said that maybe 30 years before. She is much more cheery as a result ! Wouldn’t have dared do this before.

Your course was just the very best for me - it really connected with forgotten parts, got rid of parts that needed to be forgotten and was such a laugh”

Venetia Young, GP.